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Company Culture
Author:Dawn Communication Co., Ltd.     Release time:2016-03-04     Clicks:374

The Beautiful Life in Our Mind
― The wish of Dawn’s staff
We long for a beautiful life. 
Life should have peace, for peace offers innumerable opportunities. In terms of the world atmosphere, we believe peace is essential. Only in peace, can life and production go on normally. Only in peace, can society keep developing stably. We endeavor to make our contribution to the world peace and make the world warm and people friendly. This is our hope.   
Life should have rich material wealth, for it is the base that human beings rely on. We fully realize that the ultimate aim of developing production is both the creation of material prosperity and the satisfaction of people’s demand in life.  
Life should have good cultivation for one is happy only with rich cultivation. We endeavor to acquire knowledge, study culture, improve our cultivation, perfect Chinese traditional virtues and do our bit to the creation of a colorful world. 
Life should have happy families, for families are the cells of society. Society can be peaceful only if families are happy. A happy family is the aim that many people pursue all their life. Just think: if all the members of a family love each other, encourage each other and help each other, the whole family can enjoy boundless happiness. What a beautiful picture! If the whole society consists of such families, our great country will be so beautiful a picture. 
Life should have health, for people can stand up to the ever-heavier work and make greater contribution to society only if they have a strong body. Only with good health, can people take pleasure in the joy of life. We strongly wish that human beings can apply the most advanced technology first to the research of curing human diseases. 
Life should have confidants…
Life should have …
Life should have all the best. This is the beautiful life in our mind. 
We believe that, with the gradual progress of human civilization and the increasing prosperity of our great motherland, the beautiful life in our mind will be realized in our actual life.
The staff of Dawn wish that we can construct a beautiful life together with our friends.