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Talent idea

Respect staff:

We respect every employee, the employees as the company's partners, as the company's most valuable wealth. We look forward to every employee working in the company, can work and live happily.




Common growth:

We will personnel training as the strategic mission of the company, based on the development of individuals and companies need basis, for every employee to provide diversified and personalized training channel, in order to the staff personal growth and the simultaneous development of the company, make the company become a personal career, stage to realize personal value of.




Take responsibility:

We hope that all employees will be able to take responsibility. We appreciate those who are brave enough to admit mistakes and take measures to correct them. We appreciate those who can make any improvement suggestions to the company, and actively participate in the company's continuous improvement.




team spirit:

As a member of the Sanshui Donne, we ask all employees to consciously take the initiative to cooperate with other people's work, all the work of a process of staff as customers. We encourage the long-term interests of the company to be placed in the short-term interests of individuals.





Forge ahead:

We are engaged in a great cause. The most competitive enterprises will become our wire industry. We need every employee to be based on their own work actively and actively, and constantly open up to achieve our common cause.