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Verizon and its 5G technology partners are conducting field tests to launch the technology in the next few years
Author:Dawn Communication Co., Ltd.     Release time:2016-03-04     Clicks:332
Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) has also joined the race to make 5G a reality. The carrier announced yesterday that it is conducting field tests along with its 5G Technology Forum partners Nokia, Ericsson, Intel, Samsung, and Qualcomm. These companies have collaborated with Verizon to work on the technical alignment of the network.

"Verizon continues to accelerate innovation around 5G technology by working closely with our partners," Ed Chan, Senior Vice President, Technology Strategy & Planning commented in a press release. "We were the first to launch 4G nationwide. With 5G, we will again drive innovation across the technology landscape to bring new solutions to market for our customers. Our field technical trials are proving that 5G is here and ready to be commercialized, and we've constructed several test beds that represent real-world environments."

Most US telecom service providers and equipment manufacturers want to launch the network as soon as possible. Earlier this month, AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) also announced that it will start testing 5G technology with Intel and Ericsson by the second quarter of this year. This includes field tests and trials during the summer season, specifically in Austin.

The mobile manufacturer, Nokia is also looking to secure investments for working on 5G technology during the year. The company also announced that sales of 5G-ready equipment capable of future upgrades could begin as early as 2017. "5G will happen faster than expected. This may surprise some of you," Chief Executive, Nokia Rajeev Suri told an audience ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Mr. Suri believes that there will be a lot of development in 5G technology during the next three years.

Verizon is one step ahead of its rivals in research and development on 5G. The carrier spent $17.8 billion in capital expenditure during fiscal year 2015 in order to expand its network operations. The company is expected to spend $17.2-17.7 billion this year, which might also include the 5G network.

AT&T, on the other hand, also has plans to spend up to $22 billion this year. The cellular giant recently confirmed capital expenditure of $10 billion on network and service improvements.

It might be too early to expect any telecom company to launch 5G by the end of 2017 as they do not have equipment that can support the technology. Cellular companies have to wait until Nokia, Intel, or Qualcomm manufactures the components.
Apart from working on 5G field tests, Verizon also announced that it is currently assessing cahnges to the antennas it uses, beam tracking, and deployment flexibility across all sites. The company will continue tests over the next few months and aims to be the market leader in 5G technology.

4G equipment demand spiked last year after China completed massive roll-outs. AT&T and Verizon are now going head-to-head in the race to 5G.